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1899 E.PLURIBUS.UNUM silver dollar

The message entitled 1899 E.PLURIBUS.UNUM silver dollar posted by Valerie on 5/27/03 21:25 in the silver dollars coin collecting value forum has now expired. Sorry for the inconvenience. However, here are some links to help you find the 1899 E.PLURIBUS.UNUM silver dollar information you want, whether you are interested in selling, buying, or just learning more about U.S. dollar coins.

The following are 1899 E.PLURIBUS.UNUM silver dollar auctions currently running on eBay. These are live auctions. Click on any of the links for more information.

If there are no listings above, there may be no silver dollars available, or it could be a bug in the program. I recommend clicking over and searching for "1899 E.PLURIBUS.UNUM silver dollar" or something more specific. The variety of coins, paper money, and tokens being auctioned every day on eBay is amazing.

If you're wondering how much your U.S. silver dollar is worth, i.e. the value of an American one-dollar coin, these eBay auctions are one of the best ways to get a true sense of the going prices. (For help judging the condition of your silver dollar, click here.)

To sell your 1899 E.PLURIBUS.UNUM silver dollar, you have two main options. The first is eBay or another online auction. Auctions have always been the best way to get the real value of your coins, without a coin dealer taking a cut. Selling on eBay (or eBay UK, eBay Canada, or eBay Australia) is easy. You just have to register, which is easy and painless.

The disadvantage of selling coins on eBay is that it can take some time, especially if you have more than one coin to sell. The fastest way to cash out is to sell to a coin dealer. One national dealer I know is Jake's Marketplace. They're good folks and they give fair prices. But you may prefer to find a local dealer.

By the way, before taking your collection to a dealer, you may want to get the most current and reliable price estimates for your coins. Invest the 10 bucks in this year's Black Book or Red Book Guide to U.S. Coin Values. They're both comprehensive, reliable sources for coin prices.

Have Fun!

Chris Whitten

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